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Mariola Glajcar

This adventure has been going on for nine years and is still as addictive as it was at the beginning.
Mariola Glajcar – A psychologist by education, a photographer by vocation and a traveller by passion. Her love is creative photography, allowing to develop wings of incredibleimagination. Full of passion, perseverance and sensitivity. She dedicated her entire self to photography, with hard work winning numerous titles and awards.
Although Mariola specialises in creative outdoor photography she has also been awarded many times in the category of fine art studio portraits. In addition to numerous awards in international competitions, Mariola’s work has also been recognized by Vogue and Lens Culture, among others.
Mariola has been repeatedly invited to workshops and conferences on almost all continents. She had the opportunity to share her knowledge with photographers from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, England, Norway, Canada, USA and many other countries. She was also one of the speakers at the „Baby and Kid Congres” – International Photographic Conference in Lisbon, Portugal
Her main goal, however, is to show people how beautiful the world can be. Her love is creative photography, the kind that allows the wings of imagination to spread, transporting us to an unknown land. Mariola transforms such dreams into reality, adding a touch of magic to it.


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